Summarry scent of apples

I commend the author for literary work which that equates the torment that comes with being away from home and in return hitting the values of an immigrant Filipino who is facing the consequences in line to the choices he made.

The exile…deprived to seek the recess of his heart and soul, deprived of the comfort the loving arms of the land of his people. It is an established rule in writing that one needs to carefully think of a title that makes a literary work worth reading.

I have often wondered who she is. This was her world, her domain.

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We had stopped at the main entrance to the hotel lobby. Ruth got busy with the drinks. Fabia picked the writer up the next day and during the course of what seemed to be an endless journey to the distant farm, the writer became aware of Mr.

It was not hard talking about our own people. It may be more advisable to learn more about the context surrounding the book before reading it on your own.

Ruth got busy with the drinks. And they seemed so far away during those terrible years that I must have spoken of them with a little fervor, a little nostalgia. He showed me a backroom, not very big. His shoes were polished, and although the green of his tie seemed faded, a colored shirt hardly accentuated it.

It appeared they wanted me to talk about my country, they wanted me to tell them things about it because my country had become a lost country. No, no, I laugh at him, your daddy ain't first class.

As they fell on the floor, father bent to pick them and throw them out into the coral streets. There was plenty of time.

Scent of Apples

The standouts from this collection of 16 include: In connection, the man is suffering with the fear of being forgotten due to the fact that he chose to leave all by himself.

Will that be alright. Without getting off the car, he moved to where I had sat, and I saw him extend his hand. I was born in that house. In the middle of the room stood a stove to keep the family warm in winter.

Scent of Apples

Scent of Apples has ratings and 12 reviews. This collection of sixteen short stories brings the work of a distinguished Filipino writer to the attent 4/5. Scent of apples 1. REYNAN T. OLA BPG TITLE: SCENT OF APPLES AUTHOR: BIENVENIDO N.


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There are different opinions about the symbolism behind "apples," "apple trees," and "scent of apples" in these short stories by Bienvenido Santos.

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Scent of Apples by Bienvenido Santos | Philippine Literature